What causes foundation problems?

In spite of the popular belief, foundation issues don’t happen randomly. But instead, they come about as a result of some external factors. Moreover, moisture is the root of each structural problem. Either too little moisture or too much moisture and your house might be in trouble.

Below are the common causes of foundation problems:

Poor Drainage

The integrity of the structure will be compromised without the help of proper drainage system. Your gutters, roof, lawn, and downspouts each play an important role in your foundation’s overall health. The roof must be sloped to where every precipitation filter toward gutters. Gutters must lead water without the obstruction to downspouts as well as water must filter away from the foundation once leaving downspouts as lawn leads it away. If your house drainage system doesn’t do its job, puddles would form on your foundation’s outskirts. If the water stays in the same place for a long period of time, it’ll also seep to the soil much longer. Water is great for the soil, but make sure that it isn’t too much. If there’s too much water in the soil, it may result to foundation leaning or settling.

Dry Plants or Trees

If plants and trees are desperate for moisture, they’ll dig to the foundation soil to get it. It’ll cause particular soil areas to dry up quickly. You do not like to happen, right? So, make sure that the moisture is spread out equally beneath your house. To avoid this from happening, what you should do is to water your trees and plants. Provide them the water they require so they do not need to look for it beneath your foundation.

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leakages will overwhelm the foundation with moisture. Poor drainage may at least be noticed, but oftentimes, homeowners are not aware of the leaks until it is too late. There might be minor leaks dripping away at the soil or major leaks poured to the soil. Its moisture leaked without your knowledge and control. If there are leaks in your plumbing, it’ll cause some problems on your foundations.

Poor Soil Condition

Weather can be a burden in some places. Droughts may happen during summer, and spring season may bring lots of rain. Long dry spell will cause the soil beneath your house to shrink while heavy rains might cause the soil beneath your house to expand. It might be detrimental to your home foundation. A quadrant of your house has lesser soil compared to some 3 quadrants. In this instance, it may cause some parts of your house to settle while the rest of it could stay in place. Your walls may crack, doors are jammed, and you should call foundation experts to know why.

If your home foundation has one of those problems, make sure to seek for the help of professional Cleveland, OH basement contractors. The best experts can inspect your foundation and if there are some problems, they will execute the right repair to ensure that your foundation will do its job properly.