How To Maintain Residential Stucco

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Stucco isn’t a delicate structure. Whether applied as interior or exterior finish on walls, the durable material requires little maintenance which may include occasional patching and cleaning. Keeping the stucco in good conditions eliminates the need of frequent repair or replacement. Here is how to maintain your residential stucco.


Being a porous material, stucco absorbs stains and collects dirt, even indoors. However, cleaning it is easy; all you need to have is clean water and a small amount of elbow grease. Scrub your stucco with a dump nylon brush to fully saturate the surface. Proceed to scrub the buildup off with a clean cotton rag. Extreme cases such as the situations involving deep sets of stains may require more firepower. Stucco experts often recommended, not the usual household cleaning agent, but a more potent chemical called trisodium phosphate (TSP). 

While TSP can be easily purchased hardware stores and home centers, strict precautions must be observed lest you end up with a scorched surface. Begin by ventilating the area by running a fan and/or opening the windows (if the stucco is on interior walls). Remember to wear the appropriate protective gear and follow the provided instructions regarding dilution ratio and application. Finally, apply the chemical on the stained area by using a nylon brush.

On exterior walls, stucco tends to gather dirt more often hence requires to be washed frequently compared to that on interior walls. The cleaning process is easier though; all you need is a power washer or a garden hose and plenty of clean water. Begin by setting your preferred cleaning tool in mist formation before saturating the stucco from the bottom to the top. Once you’ve finished spaying, check your stucco for a lingering buildup. If there is a buildup, proceed to dislodge it using a brush with stiff bristles. Don’t scrub it so vigorously lest you grind it down. Any blemish that remains on the stucco after this rigorous cleaning would require you to apply TSP.


The rigidity of the stucco is a blessing and a curse. While this rigidity keeps it durable, it makes it more prone to cracking. Cracking and chipping changes the stucco from a beautiful finishing to an eyesore. Most stucco imperfections require an expert to correct them. However, Rapid/instant Set Stucco Patch provides an excellent DIY residential stucco repair solution that can help you fix minor cracks and chips in a short time. Start by removing any loose parts of the cracked stucco using a wire brush. Remember to remove any oil, dirt, or chalk that may interfere with the adherence of the repair compound. If the crack you are addressing is less than an inch wide, consider using a harmer and/or a cold chisel to widen it. Assess the conditions before proceeding. If it is the weather is hot and/or windy, consider pre-moistening the area surrounding the crack. Otherwise, having prepared the stucco surface, proceed applying your Rapid/Instant Set Stucco Patch as instructed.

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Other maintenance tips 

  • Check for paint bubbling, peeling, and cracking and apply new paint immediately after cleaning the area
  • Wash the stucco regularly especially if the outdoor conditions are dusty
  • Inspect the stucco regularly for mold growth and remove it immediately
  • Always use the tight product of paint and clean water on your stucco